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Things to consider when purchasing a Labrador Retriever

1. Does the breeder your considering purchasing
 from have a long list of testimonials? 
If not, please consider all the reasons why they don't. Every good breeder will offer you references. There are other sites that will offer you lots of photos of puppies to fall in love with but will not offer testimonials. What? Even I have to ask myself why they don't. 

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2.Are their Adults registered with AKC, and why does it make a difference?

 *First you will know your pup is a true, pure bred Labrador, why pay for anything less?
Please be aware many breeders are offering pups out there that are not from AKC registered parents. And are not pure bred and some are even inbred pups from related parents!
You will have no way of knowing these pups are inbred because there are no pedigrees to refer to. Puppies that are inbred can have a very high chance of developing genetic health issues.

Even though a puppy is AKC registered it still "does not insure that they have not been inbred".

It only insures that they are a pure bred dog. Please be aware that AKC does allow (Father/ Daughter breedings)

So when purchasing a Labrador puppy, ask to view the pedigree of the parents, to ensure the parents are not closely related, If the parents are AKC registered the will have pedigrees. Most of our Puppies parents pedigrees are posted on our website.

I had a lady email me that was horrified to find out that she had bought an AKC Labrador puppy that was inbred, from a different breeder of course! She ordered the puppies pedigree and found out too late that the puppy came from a Father/ daughter breeding. She asked my advice on the subject. Sadly there was nothing she could do.
Always ask to see parents both parents pedigrees before you buy your puppy, to make sure the parents are not related!

I've been to well known Labrador websites that say they, "NO LONGER Register with AKC in order to save families money." Please be aware that breeders like this might save you money upfront but will not save you money down the road. Your puppy will more than likely end up at the Vet with health issues. Because of the reasons I mentioned above. And when a puppy or adult needs to be treated because of genetic illnesses, Vet bills can be outrageous..

***Lab Puppies that are advertised in news papers for cheap are normally priced the way they are because they have issues mentioned above.
One thing to keep in mind is that the price of our puppies reflects the amount of time and resources we spend to produce well-bred puppies.


Why choose an English Lab over an American Lab And what is the difference?

Do you want a lab to do a field trial competition? Or do you want more of a family companion pet? You might want to purchase a Labrador Puppy with "English" bloodlines if you are looking for a pet companion Labrador.. American lines are much different in temperament, the American Labrador can be super hyper, high-strung, and do not always make the best indoor pets. Not ALL American Labradors are like this, but most of them are. If you are looking for a companion dog that is lovable, laid back, loyal, happy so sit at your feet kind of dog. But still happy to play fetch and go for walks. Then you may find the English Labs will fit closer to that description. The English Labs are mild, sweet, mostly quiet dogs that still maintain the natural retriever instinct. The English labs are also different in build than the American field labs. Americans Labs are generally known for having a long nose and narrow head and thin build. English Labs have a broader head shorter nose, stocky.


Please be careful with your next purchase of your forever pet. We hope these hinters have helped you. And wish you all the very best in finding your next forever pet! <3