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Hi Vivian,

                I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new family member.  She has been an amazing puppy and we are so happy.  We have named her Stella.  She has helped heal our breaking hearts after the loss of our 13 year old lab.  Our house is filled with happiness again.  I am attaching a few pictures of her.

Thank you again,

Kim Parker and family


Surfen Charlie


Hi Vivian,

Here is a few pics of Charlie he is doing really good. He knows all his basic commands already. Potty trained right form the get go with our other dogs showing him the way. I think his AKC Name will be Sir Charles of Kingdom Acres. Hope you like the pics. We will send some more soon.

 Best regards Jeff


Hi Vivian,
I wanted to give you an update about Charlie. We got him from you in spring of 2015.
He is a great dog! Great temperament great with small kids and very smart and easy to train. Highly treat motivated....will do anything for a snack.
 In addition to a few basic tricks we have taught him how to carry his own small cooler when we go to the beach. He proudly carries it around and people get a real kick out of it.
When he was a pup we took him beach camping for a weekend. He has so much fun in the water. Just for kicks we took a few pics of him on a surf board and pushed him into some very small waves to see if he would stay. He did! Not thinking to much more about it. So this year we started taking him to a dog beach in June. He loves it! Running around leaping into waves and swimming.
I eventually brought a board for fun to surf myself. As soon as it hit the water he jumped on without any coaxing. So we entered him into a dog surf competition in July. He made the finals! Surprising many of the seasoned surfing dogs. He has since been in two other surf comps. The last being in Huntington Beach last weekend. He made the finals again! He is so enthusiastic it is really fun to watch. He runs and leaps onto the board wagging his tail. Now I can't surf without him. He goes nuts on the beach if I leave him behind.
He has become very popular with many of the other teams and has even raised some money for charity.  He has had his photo in many of the news papers including OC register LA times and even a shot in sports illustrated. Even got coverage in Japan.
My wife started an instagram for him. It's charlie_surfsup. If you would like to follow him. I have included a few pics as well.
Thanks again Vivian! Charlie is awesome. Jeffrey Nieboer



Hi Vivian, wanted to share a few pictures of our guy Miles. He is hands down the best dog we could have asked for! We love him so much and he has become such a big part of our life/family. We think he is a good mix of his mom and dad, but he does like Dezzy more in some of these pics. Hope all is well! ❤️


Hi Vivian, hope you are doing well.  I wanted to share some recent pictures of Maddy with you (from Maggie and Dezzy's litter last August 2021).  Maddy just turned one on August 11th.  She is such a happy puppy and I couldn't imagine my life without her.  She makes me smile and laugh every day.  She's very energetic and I take her everywhere with me, she loves riding in the car, meeting new people and going to new places.  She is very smart too and knows more tricks and words than I can count now.  Maddy can make anyone smile, and she still gets told on a daily basis (by strangers) how cute or "beautiful" she is.  Anyway just wanted to give you a quick update.  Hope you and your pups are doing well too. -Caitlin

Hi Vivian. We got to celebrate Ruby's first birthday with her yesterday. She is such a blessing in our lives, and we love her very much! Ruby was one of Maggie's pups last August.

It has been a great year! Thank you, Vivian!!
Cindy Sloane

Hi Vivian, I wanted to share some updated pictures and a great video of Trout (Dezzy and Red's pup). He is almost 9 months old now and living his best life! ❤️🐾 He is so smart and loyal. He absolutely loves being outdoors and being involved in everything!!! 😂 We can also add lifeguard to his resume. 

Forest and Thule


Hi Vivian!

Our puppy "Thule" out of your beautiful girl DASH is now 4 months old and doing great! She is so smart and learns everything very quickly. She knows all the basics and behaves nicely in our home and out public, walks, restaurants, around town, and she is good with kids and other dogs too.
Thule loves our beloved 3 year old dog "Forrest" so much! The two of them are like 2 peas in a pod.
We thank you and your family for both of our lovely labradors, "Forrest" and "Thule". Please tell your son that we are so impressed with the nice start he made with handling our puppy, and we attribute much of her sweet loving disposition to his gentle work with the pups.
We will keep you posted on all our doggie fun!


Hi Vivian,

I found your email and I wanted to send some pics of Forrest. We moved from California to Washington state and live on an Island for 4 years and now we’re in Utah. I lived out here years ago so Forrest has been having a blast. He’s been the best thing that’s happened to our family he’s such a sweet dog. I hope your doing well, I thought you might like some photos of Forrest. Thanks Vivian :)

Hi Vivian,

I just wanted to say thank you again for giving us the best dog me and my family can ever dream of. We are coming up to Rex's third birthday 9/11, he was from Pumpkin and Dexters liter. He has brought such joy and love to our family and completes us. I routinely look on your page and all the adorable puppies. I just want to thank you again.






Gm Vivian, Buddie 1 year now and we're enjoying him just as much as when we saw that cute face. He's super smart and spoiled. Loves water and people and yes his bowl.~Pamela Allen

Patricia Montero adopted a puppy from Pumkin and Dezzy's Litter

Hello Vivianne! We just wanted to share with you how Apollo (black collar from Pumpkin and Dezzy's litter) has been such a blessing to my husband and I and to thank you! He has brought so much joy and happiness to us. Apollo is such a good puppy, he learns fast, is very playful, loooves kids, and has such a good temperment. We couldnt have asked for any better! I hope you enjoy the pics to see how he has grown!! God bless! 😊 (Ps the pics are up to 4 months old.) 

Coleen & Michael Sangiolo adopted dexters puppy

Hi there , we purchased a puppy from you back on 4-18-2014 born on 2-22-2014 . Her Sire was Livalittle  N Killer Style . We have been wanting to let you know how very , very happy we are with her. We named her Kalani . She's beautiful & so very smart .
I'm passing on your info to a couple , that we're asking about her, as they had just lost theirs . We live in La Jolla,  CA 92037 . Here's a few pics of our Kalani. Please feel free to use these .

Thank you again , Coleen & Michael Sangiolo

Bentley's parents- Pumpkin and Dezzy

Hi Vivian,

We thought you might like to see pics of our precious Bentley, 5 months 3 weeks.  He is WONDERFUL!
We have focused on really consistent training with him from day one.  He goes everywhere with us, all dog friendly restaurants and he behaves beautifully.  He has a very mellow temperament and we are going to pursue training him as a Therapy Dog.  We have told SO many people about you and Kingdom Acres.  We proudly get asked all the time where we got him.  Thank you for the most amazing dog and beloved family member!  He is way too smart for his paws.  :)   Bob trained him in one day to bring in the newspaper and Bentley loves this as part of his morning routine!  Thank you again.  We hope all is well in your kingdom!  XOXO

Artfully Yours,


Kate and Bob adopted 2 puppies from us!


Hi Vivian,

 How are you doing?
I wanted to share a few pictures of Kayla.

She is so wonderful and we just love her so much.

We are starting to consider getting her a brother..??

I hope all is well. Talk to you soon.

Katie and Bob

Katie and bob loved Kayla so much they came back and adopted Kira!

Hi Vivian,

Thank you so much. We love her! Here is a picture of the two... Loving each other. They are like BFF's.

They always have to be around one another and sleep right next to each other or even on one another.

Kira is the new puppy's name and she has a little more "sassyness" than Kayla.

Kayla is a great big sister and Kira isn't afraid of anything and she is somewhat vocal where Kayla is very quiet. We just love them so much. Here are a few pictures. I hope you are doing well!

Katie Giesler


Hi Vivian, just thought I'd let you know that Hunter and Bentley are the best of pals.​The bonding began right away and Hunter has a smile on his face again. 
I'm also very happy to report that Bentley's eyeliner has darkened.
It's almost completely filled in. Hooray!
 Hope things are well with you and all the doggies.🐾

Diesel Parents are Gypsy and Blizzard

Thought I'd share with you this collage. The girls and Diesel are best friends. It's too cute. We just love him to pieces. Thank you so much.~Nicole


Dezzy is the Sire to both of these Pups. Mother's are Gypsy and Ruby

March 23, 2017


I wanted to take a moment to share with you how much we are enjoying Luke and Leia.  As you know Luke is the puppy of Gypsy and Dezzy.  Luke is probably one of the smartest Labs I have ever had!  We had him potty trained in 3 days and he is just a great all around puppy.  Between having 12 year old Chocolate Lab and a 3 month old Black Lab in our house Luke knows how to play soft with the old lady and save all the playful times for Leia.  Luke’s personality is so much fun, he is loving one moment and the next he is racing around chasing balls. When we got both puppies we had decided that they would sleep in our room but not in our bed, but these two little babies have stolen our hearts and sleep snuggled up with us all night long!!!!!!!!

Leia is the puppy of Ruby and Dezzy.  Even though they have the same dad their personalities are so different!  Leia is the most laid back and easy going dog ever!  Leia loves to follow Luke and sometimes she will take his ball but most of the time she just enjoys running with him  or watching him run.  

I really want to thank Kingdom Acres for giving us two babies that have made our lives full of laughter, love and puppy kisses.

With gratitude!!!

Jim and Kim King

Parets are Rose and dexter


She's a amazing. She is so smart and so sociable. We love her and are so lucky to have her! She just graduated puppy training! (Sit, down, stay, wait, here, come, leave it, drop it.) Clearly you guys are doing something right with your breeding. Amazing amazing dog. Thank you and hope you and your family are doing really well!~Jacob


Harper was lovingly adopted by Lance N. Reyes



Hi Vivian –

Thanks for checking in.  Harper is doing great and is definitely a “little pistol”.   Everyone just loves her spunky personality.

She eats like a horse and is having fun adjusting to her new life as a working puppy.

Check out these photos J.




Crystal Has Been Lovingly Adopted By Cindy Handen

Hi Vivian, I just wanted to send a quick update on Fiona  (Crystal). She is doing great and such a joy. Tenaya is having more fun with her each day and they are becoming fast friends. I took her to the barn and she was quite shocked to see a horse! She started barking but as we walked around, she got used to them - she was great. Of course she made all sorts of new people friends who just loved her. Thank you so much for making my family more fun. Hugs, Cindy


Polo's parents are Storm and Dexter

  • This sweet girl has been lovingly adopted by Cherri Tree. Congratulations!
  • Picture taken 12-20-15
  • Pic Taken Dec 6th

Hi Vivian! It's Polo's mom! She says hi! She's growing up really fast but she's just the sweetest ever and still is the perfect Christmas gift for us! Cindy Tree


Summer & Dexter are the parents of Magnus


 Hi Vivian hope you're having a great day. I have some updated photos of Magnus. He's getting so big and is very friendly with other dogs. He's 6 months and is an absolute joy. ~Ajay Raheja

Hi Vivian this is Jeannette just wanted to reach out and tell you that you breed beautiful puppies we love him so much and he's the most mellow dog that I've ever had. he's so mellow that we were thinking about getting another one but this one would be a female. We just came from the vet he weighs 35 pounds and the vet said if we're going to get another puppy make it as soon as possible that's what he recommends. I would love to get a puppy when Dezzy mates a white female.


Hi it's Cathy Brennan We just  LOVE LOVE Vivianne! We will probably get a male from you in a couple of years!




Hi Vivian,


Thank you for writing back.  We take so many photos of Samson & Pasta….I could fill your in-box.  LOL!  They are just so adorable.  They come to work with us every day.  Pasta is a greeter/child-distractor in Heather’s physical therapy office, and Samson is the greeter in my insurance office. Wonderful personalities, and Samson was even a featured pet on the Baxter Boo website just over a year ago.  We are blessed to have them in our lives.

Their dates of birth are 11/30/2011.

Sire:  Chase

Dam:  Buttercup

Thank you!


P.S.  The Sleepy Samson is at my office right now…  “)



Hi! I named pink collar Riley and she is an amazing dog. She is fully potty trained and hasn't had an accident in 2 weeks. She knows the sit, come, shake and lay down commands so far. I am currently taking her to a puppy kindergarten to enhance her socialization. She will be fully vaccinated in three week s! Thank you again she is a great dog and very well behaved. Robert



Hi Vivian! It's so good to hear from you. Tuba is doing amazingly! He is a perfect puppy and I love him more than I thought imaginable!! He is pretty much potty trained and knows to sit to be let in and out, to follow me and heel and to sit for all attention. He knows come, stay, go to bed, shake and the difference between sniff, lick and chew! He is so eager to learn and is incredibly playful and loving. He hasn't been in the big pool yet as out vet recommended we wait till he's 4months. He does like retrieving toys from his kiddie pool though!! How are you? How are the other puppies from Tuba's litter? Here are some recent pics of our guy! Thank you again for bringing him into our lives. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Hi Vivian! I just wanted let you know how much we are adoring Olive! She is doing great. Potty training was so much easier than expected and she is growing and learning everyday:) She and our other lab Scout are best buds and it's really great to watch her with our kids.

We couldn't be happier, Ali Wilson



Merry Christmas, Vivian! Thanks for making my son's LIFE so happy! He is an only child and his dog is his EVERYTHING ! <3 Karen Blackstone


Hi Vivian, just wanted to reach out and let you know how much we all love Dixie.  She is the sweetest puppy.  Everyone that has spent time with her is shocked by how easy she is.  She has brought us so much joy during a very stressful time.  Thank you for everything you have done for us and all the prayers.  Here are a few pictures of our sweet girl.

Christina Berbenans



Hey Vivian!
They are doing great! They are so smart and very well behaved- most of the time. ;)
Both are potty trained, sitting, shaking, laying down- so obedience is coming along. they love eachother so much. They sleep hard and play hard but are so much fun to have and watch grow. They are so adorable.  We will definitely keep sending you updates. Thanks so much!
Zach Davis


"Kingston and Mia"
Were adopted by Zach Davis



Hi Vivian,

Happy Easter!  Dixie and I went for a walk down York Blvd this morning and met another English lab.  Turns out he is one of yours!  He was known as Julian, but his owners named him jasper.  He is one of Chase's puppies and is a year and 5 months old.  What a coincidence!  Here is a picture of them.  I'm also including a collage of pictures of Dixie's first trip to the beach (yesterday).  She is the best!

Genevieve Morris

Below is pictures of Jasper meeting Dixie.                                                             Below is Dixie's first trip to the beach!


Hi Vivian:

We hope all is well with you.
I just wanted to let you know that our puppy, who we named "Jake," is doing great.  He was the darling of his puppy class.  He was very well behaved and learned fast.  Everyone loved him.
Here is a recent picture of Jake.  
Ted Chun

Hi Vivian,

I just wanted to give you an update on puppy. We decided to name her Talise to go with our water theme for Triton. It seems she already knows her name, as she is so smart! She is doing very well and loves her new friends. Her temperment is excellent and we are having a great time getting to know her. I will keep an eye out for her papers in the next few weeks. Can I ask what wellness formula you were feeding her? It looked like puppy mixed with the large breed puppy, but I want to be certain to avoid tummy upset. I attached a couple of photos of her playing with her new friends. :) We took her for a loop around the block last night and everyone loved her! She also walked so nicely on the coupler.

Thank you again,


Follow Triton and Talise on Face Book!


Talise turned 1 year old yesterday! :) She is our dock-diving-wild-child. We have enjoyed watching her grow!
Tamara Nichols

Triton and Talise.

Talise all grown up!




Bella and Brody from Storm and Chase. Thank you for such an amazing dogs!
Philip and Thika Robinson



Hey Vivian!

It's been a while since I've written but I just had to tell you how much we're LOVING Rosie! We got her a yr and a half ago from you (august 2012)-- a product of Chase and Buttercup, and she's been the sweetest thing-- such a wonderful addition to the family!! She's awesome with the kids and now has a kitten buddy who she also plays with! She's AMAZING with the kitten! He drinks her water and lays in her crate and she lays there wagging her tail watching him. They like to play chase/hide and go seek and she continuously brings him her balls to play with-- sometimes he indulges her-- sometimes not! The kids ADOR Rosie and she likewise! If they even think of sleeping in she's on their beds with her cold nose signaling "morning"! -- I especially love this "help" on school days! :D I thought you'd enjoy the recent pics we had taken of the family-- Have a wonderful thanksgiving/holiday season!!

All the best,
Anna, Dave, Sydney, Asher
Rosie and Chester!


Hey Vivian,
Just wanted to update you on our little Rosie!! She just got her 3 mos shots and is doing beautifully!! She took her shots like a pro and has almost doubled her weight since we got her from you (a solid 15.5 lbs!!)!! She's started her puppy classes and has already learned to sit in the first class!! She's a pleasure and we're so happy she's in our family!!
Here are some recent pics-- BTW, I'm referring a friend to you--looks like you still have some pups available so she might be contacting you...her name is Jen :) Thanks again!! We LOVE our little Rosie!


She is doing SOOOO well! We absolutely adore her. I cannot get over her mellow temperament! I have been telling everyone we hit the puppy lottery! Seriously, she is so good - our vet was blown away by her today.
 I wanted to send a couple of pictures - you will get more!
She had her vet appointment today and got her next round of shots. She is doing so great - sleeping through the night, she is used to her crate and is bell training well. We are all head over heals for her.
 I ordered the Nu Vet and she is eating really well. She doesn't seem nervous about ANYTHING…she fits right in here!
 Thank you so very much for everything - she is an angel from Heaven and I am so glad I listened to God when he called. Having her born on Thanksgiving Day was my sign and I am so glad I trusted Him!



Hi Vivian
We love our puppy, Forest! He is sweet, smart,and gentle, with lots of personality! He is great with other dogs and kids, and is happiiest swimming in the water. We attribute his lovely temperament and handsome conformation to your careful nrreeding program. Thank you so very much for our pup!
Best Regards Lynn and Chris

I just wanted to let you know we are enjoying Lola (originally "Berry" from Chase & Sara's litter Born 1/3/13). She is a WONDERFUL addition to our family & is fitting in perfectly. She is a FANTASTIC sleeper & sleeps thru the night without any problems from the very 1st night we brought her home. She can already sit, stay & pose for the many pictures I take. We laugh at how much she loves to be on her back. She sleeps on her back & even plays with her toys on her back. She is so sweet & loving to everyone she meets. We haven't yet got her in the spa (waiting for it to be warmer & her to be a bit bigger) but just from her little encounters with puddles in the yard & attempts to get in the shower with me, I can already tell she will be a water lover. Thank you so much for taking care of our baby for her 1st 8 weeks of her life, I promise we will keep her safe & take care of her for the rest of her life. We look forward to watching her grow & we know Lola will enjoy the spoiled life she will have in our home.
The Roberts Family!
(Attached are a few pictures I thought you might like. One of them is so funny because she fell asleep in my son's shoe & stayed like that for an hour - I guess the smell of an 8yr old boys shoes doesn't bother her.)


Here are some recent pictures of our Lola Lou. Hard to believe she's a year old.

She has brought so much joy to our lives, Thank you again for allowing us to be her forever home.

 Robin Roberts






 Here is a collage of Sammy, son of Chase and Snow Flake, then and now. I couldn't be more happy with him!

Thank you!

Bryan Kelley


Our sweet baby Hank who is almost 1 year old. He is the biggest love bug and often thinks he is a 75 lb lap dog. So in love!
Lauren Leahy

Here is a fresh image of our Great girl Kalani.
Very smart girl, very mellow with a good dose of
 spunk and playfulness.Very impressed with the intelligence and ease of training.
Thanks again,
Michael and Coleen Sangiolo



Hi Vivian,

I wanted to share a few updated pictures of our wonderful girl, Nola. She is the most loving girl and we are having so much fun with her. She has the most unbelievably soft fur and is such a gentle giant... she is from Storm's litter January 2014. I am not sure if you get this a lot with your dogs however she is absolutely in love with the water... she can spend the entire day playing in the pool- no exaggeration! :) Thanks again for such a perfect dog!

Amy and Garrett Sabol




Hi Vivian,This is Mike. He's from Storm and Dexter's litter, born 9/15/14.
He is simply the most amazing dog ever.
We LOVE him!!
Here is a picture of him with our kids. Thank you for everything!!

Heidi Goble




Hi Vivian,

Sorry to hear about your back hurting:( Just wanted to let you know that Moby is doing well. He and our cat are starting the process of becoming friends. However, I think Moby's a little too playful for him at the moment :) Moby seems to have adjusted well to his new home. We go on a couple walks/runs a day. He does very well at wanting to stay right beside us, except to smell all the new plants around his new home. We're still working on the potty training of course. He's learning to whine when he needs to go, but he still has his accidents during the night. But we're getting there.... He loves to play fetch and has his favorite squeeky ball. I think he wears us out playing fetch and chase! :) I have ordered more of the NuVet vitamins and hope he grows into a strong, healthy dog. We just went to the vet again today to get more of his vaccinations. He seems to have made a couple more friends at the office. I will have to send you some pictures of how big he's getting--those paws are getting huge in just a few weeks! I'll have to wait for Doug to get the pictures off his phone though. I have an adorable one of him where he fell asleep with his head in his food bowl after he finished eating. Super cute!
Hope you feel better... Moby says hello!
~Heidi and Dr. Doug Johnson



Hi Vivian!
I just wanted to give you an update on our labs! We adopted blue collar and purple collar into our family from Chase and Sarah's litter born December 1st, 2011. Our boy blue collar is named Tonka, and he is the spitting image of his father; a true English lab! Our girl purple collar is named Penny, and she is such a petite lady, much like her mother! Today they are 18 weeks old, and my oh my have they grown! They're almost done with all their shots and vaccines, and during their last visit to the vet (one week ago), Penny came in at 33 lbs, and Tonka weighed 40 lbs!

 They are such twins, always play fighting with one another during the day and cuddling side by side to one another at night. They quickly have outgrown their puppy beds, and have moved up to sharing their large adult bed (but they both prefer someones chest/lap or the couch). They love to swim in their water bowl, and almost always have to lay on a pillow in order for them to fall asleep. They have had a few baths since coming home, but Penny isn't the biggest fan. Much like any girl, she's probably worried about messing up her hair. Tonka adores bath time! He gets sad whenever someone goes to take a shower and doesn't take him with them. Next to tearing apart stuffed toys, playing with frisbees, and cuddling with their loved ones, they LOVE ice cubes!

 Both Penny and Tonka have very distinct personalities. Penny has her signature move; the "Penny Flop." Whenever she sees someone for the first time in a while (coming home from school/work, waking up in the morning, etc...) she walks up to greet them. While you talk to her and pet her, she slowly lifts up her front paws and then FLOP! Falls over on her back for you to rub her belly. Penny is also a snuggle lover, and absolutely loves to lay with people and cuddle. She may be small compared to her brother, but she holds her own in the house! Tonka is an absolute sweetheart! He always has a smile on his face, and loves to chew on anything he can put in his mouth! He's such a boy; playing in the mud, digging for rocks, and always trying to help his Dad whenever he does repairs around the house. He's garnered quite the reputation at both the vet and around the house for his endearing, droopy eyes and huge smile, making him look like a big ole' teddy bear considering his large stature.

 We are so extremely blessed to have Tonka and Penny as members of our family, and we thank you greatly for your business! Attached are some pictures of Tonka and Penny out in about, hope you enjoy!

Best Regards,

The Harrison Family


Hi Vivian!
We named Buddy, Raylan. He's doing really good and he's super smart!! 99% housebroken. If he does go in the house, it's right by the door which means it's our fault because we didn't let him out. We took him to the vet and got his shots and microchipped and I got the vitamins right away. The other dogs like him a lot. Really the only problem I've had with him is with our box turtles. We have a LOT of them in our backyard and he likes to bark and paw at them. I think it's funny, but the turtles don't like it one bit. Thanks for doing such a good job with him. He's very socialized. If I meet up with anyone who wants a lab, I'll definetly give them your name.

Thanks again!!!!
 Barbara Graham

Just wanted to give you an update on little Luna. She is doing great. Everybody loves her. Most everyone thinks she is the puppy from the cottanelle toilet paper commercials; she's so cute. I couldn't be happier with how well mannered, how friendly, and how great of a companion she is. Our vet and friends seem to all think this is due to her parents and upbringing from the breeder so we have been singing your praises. I will send you newer photos as she gets older. Thank you so much; we can't wait to get our next puppy from you for little Luna to have a play buddy!!
 Dr. Ahmed Maki Do

Hi Vivian,
Wanted to give you an update and a picture of our beautiful Bella. She is such a joy and an amazing puppy!! We all love her so much and she is adapting to her new home so well!
She has such a great personality on her already and has stolen our hearts :)
She's doing very well with potty training. She lets us know when she needs to go, she's such a smart girl!
We took her to the vet yesterday and she weighs 8.96 lbs and is a very healthy little girl
 and our vet just fell in love with her!!
We are getting her microchipped on her next visit when she gets her next series of shots.
Ive been adding the Nuvet to her breakfast everyday and ordered her the powder which should be here any day.Thank you so much Vivian. I'm so glad we made the decision to purchase such a sweet, loving puppy from you :)
Take care
~Tom, Annette, Brittany, Danielle, Jaden & Bella Trujillo

Hi Vivian,

Just wanted to give you an update on our beautiful Bella (Berry collar from Chase & Sara) and send you some updated pictures . She is now a year and a half, weighs 80lbs and is a happy, healthy and VERY, VERY spoiled dog :) She completes our family, thats for sure!

We want to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
The Trujillo Family

This is a picture of our wonderful dog Riggins, he was the red collared male from the Chase and Princess litter. He has an amazing temperament, is extremely smart, and is a very loving. He has completed our family and is my daughters best friend.


Dear Vivian,
Just a short note before the Super Bowl begins to let you know that we just love your Violet. Her name is now Lucy and she is adapting so well. I’m glad that we listened to your suggestions because she does have a wonderful personality and is so adorable! She has already warmed up to all of us and is playing well with our male lab, Lynyrd. They are going to be a beautiful couple and great mates for years to come. Your baby is one of our family now and everyone is so excited about having her added. Many Thanks again and we’ll send your pictures soon and when Lynyrd and Lucy finally have a litter themselves, we’ll send you and your husband cigars.
Best Wishes
Alan K. Virgil

Hello Vivian,

I'm glad you received the contract. I apologize. I am in the middle of finals and so busy at the clinic where I intern. When I am on break in the next 2 weeks I will definitely take time to send you a current picture of "Kaleb". He's absolutely handsome!

Kaleb has been a great addition to our family and keeps my husband wonderful company during the weekdays while the kids and I are in San Diego. We have him eating Canidae dry dog food and he loves it. He is due for his next round of shots next week.

You were definitely right. He is very calm and very sweet. He seems to know exactly when to be playful - whenever he sees my older son. The two of them have fun roughing around. He is very patient with our 2 year old toddler, who has a pretty loud, high pitched voice and is always getting in Kaleb's face, but Kaleb doesn't mind at all. He is also very amazingly smart! Without even having to buy gates, we were able to train him to stay on the floor area only. He does not go anywhere on the carpet or into any rooms that he is not allowed. He sleeps through the night on his favorite pillow in our bedroom. He's just so well-behaved! Truly, we could not have asked for a more perfect pup. I wish training our children could have been just as easy... =)

Thank you so much! Current photo coming soon...




Hi Vivan,
 Puppy is doing great, Vet said no issues, very strong. His name is Jack. I thought him to sit by the next day I brought him home. He can now: sit, shake, kiss, lay down, come, and is potty trained about 95% of the time on potty pads. My wife Jill love him and super surprised! I took a video of it, she went nuts! I have attached some pictures of our little guy.Thank you for following up on the Nu Vet

Loki is doing great. Getting big so fast! Loves to play and sleep. He is doing great with my son. We get so many compliments every time we take him out. Everyone loves him. In fact I gave your name to a man who really seemed interest in a pup. Thanks for a great pup!

Loki is doing great! He went swimming yesterday and loved the water for his time. He was around many new people and was friendly with everyone. He is just the best puppy we could ever have imagined. He is totally crate trained and doing well with the potty training too. We are all very happy.

Hi Vivian,
Oh my goodness, I’m sooo sorry for the lack of response from me.
Levi is doing very well. She weighs about 35+ pounds (gaining about 3 a week!). I think she’s going to be a little bigger than her momma. J We just started dog obedience class but we’ve been working with her on things since she came home with us. She is completely potty trained and has been for a while. She can sit, give high fives, and lay down when asked. Levi loves going for walks on her leash and is doing very well…and only occasionally tries to lead me. She also LOVES playing with any other dog who will play with her, especially our Jack Russell neighbor, Bella. She’s not quite as fast as Bella, so it’s fun to watch Levi lumber after her. She’s had all of her shots except for her rabies one. I’ll be doing that soon. I’m going to take her to the dog park and dog beach soon. I think she’ll really enjoy that. We’re working on her biting and chewing everyone and everything. She’s barking in the house more than I’d like, so we’re trying to get that to stop too. The barking we do appreciate is when she’s got to go outside! She still sleeps in her crate at night and has never gone to the bathroom in it. She also has been sleeping all night without having to go out. So, overall, she’s doing great. I’m a little tired from the every morning wakeup call. We’re not going to get new couches, which we so desperately need, until she’s done chewing as much. J I will send photos next because I need to get them from my husband’s computer. She still looks like the baby Sweet Pea with that cute little line down her nose except for she’s BIG!
By the way, I forgot to ask or I just don’t remember, how I can get her AKC registration papers. I would like to register her and I was told I could get the first couple of months free on pet health insurance through AKC Pet Healthcare if she is registered. Thanks for that.
And thank you so much for following up with me. You have definitely been on my list but other things keep taking up my time, mostly kids and a pooch! J

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you again and check your email for some photos.


Hi Vivian,
We just wanted to let you know how our puppy, named Garvey, is doing. He was the blue collar boy born March 7th from Chase and Princess. What a wonderful dog! We get a lot of compliments on his golden-yellow coat and blocky head. He's extremely friendly with all people, and loves to play with other dogs at the dog park and beach. He's also very intelligent, having learned very early to sit, to shake, to get down, and to retrieve.

Garvey is a great dog and a great addition to our family!
Aya, Tony, and Garvey


Hi Vivian,

Thought you might enjoy some pictures of Lola (purple collar puppy from Chase & Princess' litter, 12-28-12). She's such a gentle, sweet-tempered, loving dog! Our daughter is her favorite person and she loves playing with Bella, our other dog. They have all become the best of friends and spend hours playing together. Her favorite activities besides playing with Bella & our daughter are playing in the sprinklers, chasing a ball, and finding sticks to carry around. We absolutely love having her in our family! She's healthy, had all her shots and been spayed. We're having fun watching her grow and grow and grow! Her paws are HUGE already at 6 1/2 months old. We're pretty sure she'll be bigger than Bella when she's done growing! :) We'll send more pix when she's full grown!

The Watson Family :)



Hi Vivian here is a picture of Harley and Duke... they get along great..Harley is doing great. Got him a little wading pool, he already loves the water, puts his head under to pick things up. He really is a smart pup, but aren't all labs? He is getting big so fast and we couldn't be happier with him. I will send you some new pics soon. HARLEY IS AWESOME
Mark and Michele Hull


Hi Vivian,
 Abby (that is her name) is doing great. She is basically potty trained and has even been able to adapt to different houses without having accidents (for the most part). She also sleeps really well through the night. She is very friendly and loves to play with other dogs. She has already been on two long road trips to Northern California and is great in the car. I am out of town right now (one of her long road trips :-) but I will try to remember to send some pictures when I get home.
Jenny Clark



Hi Vivian,

The puppy is doing great. We really love him, and we are having as much fun as he is. We named him Oso,
(in spanish it means bear). Here is a photo of him.

David de Fluiter




Hi Vivian,
I just wanted to say hi. Oso is doing great, as you can see he is a very handsome dog. He was neutered about 2 months ago and has received all of his shots. The Vet says he looks very good and is healthy.

Hi Vivian,
I have some photos to share with you :0) Not portraits like yours, but
cute to share. I will take some with my new camera this week, the others
are from my cell phone which turned out a little blurry. We are enjoying
our pup, he has a fun personality!! He can be lovey and cuddly, playful,
and a bit naughty at times too... But we LOVE him to pieces!! The cutest
pup the vet has seen in a lab breed. Says you have done well, wanted to
share this with you.
I have just reordered NuVet vitamins and made a follow
up appointment for his next shot and will have a microchip inserted too.
Thank you again for selling us the sweetest little guy.
I am surrounded by 4 boys in the house, to smother me with love!!!
How lucky am I????

Fondly, Hayley (Mitchell, Austin, Justin and Yankee

Glacier (from Duke and Yellow Diamond) is doingwonderful! He is now just 4 months old and everyone is enjoying his company. He is our travel dog and everywhere we go, he goes with. He is very much attached and doesn’t spend much time away from us. He barks at new people, trying to act tough like the other two big dogs that live at our house. People always say how handsome and how cute he is and tend to keep repeating it every time he does something, it’s funny. It’s great that he wants to protect us and he very eager to please…most of the time ;)(we are still working on potty) He loves to cuddle in the bed with us and run up to us at the door with lots of kisses and excitement when we get home from work and school. When he at our house he hangs with the two Rottweiler mixes Rocky and Buster that are here and sometimes hangs at my parents’ house with their golden retriever Thunder.

He is very hyper and loves to chew on things, especially socks, but is defiantly getting a lot better. He knows sit, settle, stay, up (stand on two back legs), and down and of course kisses. He has taught himself how to open drawers around the house as well as open bedroom doors (sometime wonder if that’s good or bad hehe). He is very intelligent and never goes beyond where he can’t see us. Just this thanksgiving weekend we went up to Big Bear and Saturday morning we woke up to 3 inches of snow. HE LOVED IT!!! He was running and dragging his nose through it, he would keep asking to go out like he had to go potty, but was just tricking us so we would let him play in the snow. He is so great and we are so in love with him and happy that we have such an adorable smart boy to share our lives with. Along with the e-mail are probably a good 30-40 photos and I can send videos of him playing in the snow too if you would like. We have lots of pictures!
Best Wishes,
Fred, Sierra, and Glacier Buzzell

Hi Vivian! It's hard to believe that we've had Sophie almost for a full week already. She's already visibly grown and her vet said she's perfect. She's learned to sit, is walking well on her leash, and delights us every moment. So, thank you very much for sharing your lovely puppy with us. We've discovered she loves bites of apples and bananas and loves to play! Still working on housebreaking her, but most of the time she's doing well. Here are a few pictures I thought you'd like :)


Megan's name is now Daisy, and I can't tell you how pleased we are to have her. She is so smart and so much fun! Her housetraining is going well (mostly), she will sit everytime you tell her either with words or hand signals, she can shake and "give five", and will roll over (only with a treat). I know we're spoiling her rotten (she has more toys than most children), but she is still such a good girl. She has had two more sets of shots and is now finished until her rabies at 6 months. The Vet thinks she's the prettiest pup she's seen in a long time! We're going to start Puppy Kindergarden next week and I think the socialization with other puppies again will do her good.
I was wondering, do we register her after she is spayed or was I supposed to give you something sooner? We would like to register her as,
"Princess Daisy Bella of Kingdom Acres", what do you think?

Thanks again for everything,

Hi Vivian-
I just wanted to let you know we are having so much fun with Mika
 - she is a wonderful puppy - she loves her new home!
Mika is awesome....she has adjusted just great.
Thank you again for Mika....we love her to bits!!!!!!

Christine Ross

Hi Deb and David here,
Tootsie, is doing great! We sent you a picture we had made today for your scrapbook. Name changed: Callie .. short for Calliope. She knows it well and is very smart. House training going well and next round of shots taken.
Take Care

Hi Vivian,
 Didi is doing well. She came with us to the camping trip and we just got back last week. Today, she visited the nearby dog park for the first time and met tons of friends. We are going to get her spayed in two weeks. So I'm very worried.
But other than that, she's well adjusted to our home and lifestyle. We love her like she's our daughter:-)
I have attached some of her recent pictures. Will keep you posted!


He is doing great....we call him "Tuff" or "Tuffy" because its cuter :) He goes to work with me everyday at the horse farm and he has been great at home. He's now sleeping through the night in his crate and he has been really easy. We just love him.  Here are some pictures. He's really not allowed on the couch but here he is sleeping on the couch, with his new best friend, ....he's getting big already!



 Abby is fine, being loved by three big brothers, their many friends, and just about everyone who meets her. She has definately adjusted to life in Carpinteria and being the princess in the house.
She is extremely active and feisty, playing with her many toys. We have a large back yard which she has thoroughly explored. Her favorite things to do is chew on our palm trees (which I am covering so as to give the trees a chance to live). She's regularly going to the bathroom outside in the backyard and hasn't had an accident in the house since her 3rd day with us. I am crate training her, so at night she is up once or twice, and goes immediately when I put her on the grass. She's very smart and has quite the personality. I can see why she was a favorite.

Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy; she is a treasure.
 Cheryl Smith

I purchased a puppy from you almost 4 years ago and wanted you to know what a great dog she is. We absolutely love her and could not be happier with her. Her name was Zoe, when we got her from you, but her official name now is Delightful Dutchess Daisy. Thank you so much and I would surely refer you to anyone wanting to purchase an AKC registered full blooded labrador retreiver. Thanks again for the great family member we purchased from you.
The Gonzales family


Vivian,I just wanted to thank you again for the most perfect dog in the world. I have always loved her, but I find myself loving her more and more every day. She is the most perfect, sweet, loving dog ever. Thank you again and again for her. She's priceless.

Linda Gonzales & family


Hello Vivian-
 I got your message last night. Thank you for sending the papers so speedily.
Also, Brody (thats the puppies name) is great. He loves the big yard of grass and constant attention he gets! You produce wonderful dogs and I would definetly recomend puchasing puppies from you.
 Thank you very much

Hi Vivian
I just wanted to let you know that we love our new puppy. We have renamed him MAVRICK, and he has pick up on it wonderfully. Also he is doing really well using the doggie door. He is such a SMART dog and he gets along great with our kids. Thank you so much for allowing us to have this wonderful gift. Thank you again

Hi Vivian,
It's nice to hear from you. We LOVE our darling puppy! We named her Magnolia (aka Maggie). She is sweet and smart and loveable and lots of fun. We are enjoying her very much and so far everything is going great. She is completely potty trained, and can sit, stay, come and lay down. We are working on some other commands. She loves the back yard and going for walks. She sleeps in our room in the kennel at night and she has never whined. She is beautiful.
Thanks for checking up on us.

Hi Vivian,
We named her Tessa, she is awesome! We love her :) everyone who comes to see her falls in love with her! Thank you!
Marcy Holland
From Bakersfield CA