Are Puppies are kept clean and are born and raised indoors.
They are given constant positive attention their whole time with us.

Labrador Retriever Puppies that are family raised indoors.

We have a big game room that we call the "Labby Room"
This room is designated for our labs and their lab puppies. The puppies get a lot of interaction with all our kids in this room. They also become well adjusted to all the sounds of the home life,
like the sound of a vacuum.:)

Reserving A Kingdom Acres Labrador Puppy

You can place a reservation on a future pup by placing a deposit on a puppy.

 This is the way reserving a puppy works~ For example, if first pick of male pups is open in a litter and you would like to reserve that spot, placing a deposit will reserve it.

When the pups are the age of 4 to 5 weeks I would contact you to set up an appointment for you to come out to see the puppies around the age of 6 weeks. If you had first deposit in for a male pup you will have first choice of all the males available. If you have second deposit in, you would have the next appointment to choose from the males that are left and so forth. This order of reserving pups would also apply to the females as well. We place and keep sturdy color coded collars on all our puppies to identify each one. These collars are left on them until the day they leave. Read more about purchasing one of our puppies click here.

We honor all reservations on a puppy by not selling the puppy or placement to anyone else.
Reserve Your Puppy Today!

 Note: We post up pictures of each litter as soon as they are born.
 And try to post weekly updates so you can watch the puppies grow. :)

What Does Your Puppy Come With?

Our puppies will have their dewclaws removed. All puppies will now go home with a 24 Month Health Guarantee, Travel Crate, Toy, Collar, Leash, puppy care guide, shot record, and a week sample of NuVet, Coupon for your first free bag of food, Coupon for first free health exam.

  •  We de-worm our puppies at 4 weeks 6 weeks and 8 weeks with Pyrantal and Safe Guard
  •  We give our puppies their first 5 way Vanguard shot at 7 weeks old.
  • Are puppies are ready to go to their forever homes at 8 weeks of age. I will not let my puppies go home any younger so please do not ask, thank you.

Prices Of A Kingdom Acres Lab Puppy

Cost of our Puppies as of 9/3/17


| Deposit: $400 | Balance: $1595


YELLOW/ WHITE/ CREAM AKC LAB PUPPIES FROM-Summer, Emma, Cora, Pumpkin, GYPSY: LITTERS- Purchase Price: $2400

| Deposit: $400 | Balance: $2000

STORMS and Blossom's LITTERs Purchase Price:$2900 | Deposit:

$400 | Balance: $2500-

If you reserved a puppy before 9/12/17 these prices do not apply to you.

About Deposits

We ask for a non-refundable deposit of $400.00 to reserve a puppy. ARE DEPOSITS ARE TRANSFERABLE BETWEEN LITTERS. (For example- if you are not satisfied with the puppies in a litter you can apply it towards a different litter). Deposits are applied toward the price of the puppy.

Please note: I do not hold puppies with out a deposit
Under no circumstances will we hold a puppy without a deposit.
Even if you have an appointment this will not hold a pup.
So if you see a puppy you really like, you can reserve a puppy by filling out our form and submitting a deposit.
I will accept the first deposit that is placed on the pup as long as it is to a approved home.
Thank You!


*Feel free to contact us if you have any question about adopting one of our puppies.

**If you know for certain that you want to adopt a puppy from us, then you must read our Puppy Purchase Agreement, it list our adoption Requirements.
If you meet our requirements, and agree to our purchase agreement, then you can proceed in making a reservation by filling out the "reservation form" below.

**Note: All request for reservation must be accompanied by a deposit.
And when reserving a future litter please fill free to text us to confirm if a particular spot is still open. Thank you.

AKC Puppy Regitration

All of the Labs that we own and breed are pure bred Labradors and are Registered with AKC - American Kennel Club. All my puppies are sold as pets and will be given limited AKC papers. Unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • Full AKC must be approved. If approved we only grant full AKC to females, NOT to males.
  • If you want breeding or showing rights, an additional fee will be added to the price of the puppy. 
  • Full AKC price ranges between $500 and $800 depending on the litter.

If you plan on breeding your puppy please call.
NOTE: If you only want a puppy as a pet then FULL AKC IS NOT needed

What About Refunds?

Returns: Be advised we do not refund the full amount of a puppy if you choose to bring the puppy back. Our deposits are non refundable. Up to 2 days after you pick up the puppy, if you choose to bring a puppy back to us, your money will be refunded except for your deposit you made which is non refundable.
After the 2 days up to 12 weeks only $500 will be refunded.
After the age of 10 weeks there are no refunds given... However, we will take back the pup and place in a loving home if needed.
So when you purchase a puppy it is best to be ready to make a life long commitment to the puppy.


Kingdom Acres Labrador "RESERVATION FORM"

Desired Sex Of Puppy
Reserving A Puppy From Which Mother
Puppy Pick


I Am Reserving a Semi Trained Puppy- Currently Posted For Sale

You must read and agree to our "Puppy Purchase Agreement" above to reserve one of our Puppies. Only fill out this reservation form if you are reserving a puppy. A Deposit must be submitted along with this form to complete a reservation. Thank You!

Finish Your Reservation By Placing A Deposit Here

Click PayPal link below to place your reservation deposit

By placing a deposit then you have read and agree to the terms in the puppy deposit form.

Note: You don't need a Pay Pal account to place a deposit.
Once on the PayPal site, simply click the Tab that says
"Pay with a debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later"

Complete Your Reservation Here


Finish Paying Off Your Puppy When It Is 8 Weeks Old

We are no longer accepting final payments through Paypal.

We accept the final payment when you come to pick up your pup, when it is 8 weeks old. We accept Cash or a Cashiers Check From-Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Bank Of America. No other forms of payments will be accepted. Thank you.

Things you should know before you visit.

We allow "puppy" visit as soon as the puppies turn 6 weeks old .
However, we do have a strict requirement of all our guests, and this is only for the safety of or puppies.
We kindly ask that you do NOT go to see other puppies any
where else in the same day before coming to our home.
 This is one of the ways the deadly Parvo Virus gets spread as well as other Viruses.
A very common way puppies get Parvo
is from people bringing the Virus to them on their clothes and shoes.
Parvo can be picked up from kennels, contaminated side walks and grass and then
tracked in on your clothes or the soles of your shoes.

  •  We may ask that you step into very shallow solution of bleach and water. Or ask that the bottom of your shoes are sprayed with Lysol spay that we will provide. Because of this please wear shoes that you will not mind having this done to.
  • Also we may ask that hand sanitizer is used before petting our puppies, if you have other pets at home. We apologize for any inconvenience this may bring, but we love our puppies and we will do everything we can to keep them safe from deadly viruses. Thank you for understanding.

Contact Information

Call Or Text Vivian Wright At